Teaser introducing the concept
Un site informatif permettant l'organisation d'évènements
An informative website allowing to plan clean-up operations
Animations du stand au FISE
Animations on the FISE
Un lancement réussi
A successful launch
Logo Jeremy Prioton

Jeremy Prioton

Status: Released

Categories: Video, Digital, Print, Event

Credit: Project direction & logo - Romain Tarrusson


Through an initiative of its president Romain Tarrusson, extrem sports association Crash Test (founded with some friends of mine in 2010) organized the GreenDay’z in 2013 : a national project to raise environmental awareness among riders for a week.

We made a website (with Wordpress) and a motion design teaser to promote the project.

We launched the project for the FISE (International Festival of Extrem Sports) in Montpellier, where we ran a stand to inform and liven up the festival. We made the first clean-up operation at the end of this event.