Une marque sous le signe du dynamisme
A dynamic brand
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Logo Jeremy Prioton

Jeremy Prioton

Status: Cancelled project

Category: Visual identity

Credit: Pix Publishing

Reception areas
Port of Cannes

The «Espace Réceptifs» brand is strengthened by a modern typography, which is tilted to create a necessary dynamism for an events area. The dark purple brings serenity and dreams to the words.

The curve that surround this typography is protective and represents the spatial representation of the reception areas.
This shape is divided to make a distinction between these different areas and to remind the sun of Cannes.

The orange gradient is a time marker: it shows sun color from its zenith to the sunset.

Finally, the baseline «Port de Cannes» get into this curve to confirm what it reminds. This insertion suggests the brand servies are open-minded and welcoming.