Un visuel laissant place au rêve...
A world of dreams...
Le Rocher au sommet de la mascarade
The Rock of Monaco at the top of the masquerade
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Jeremy Prioton

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Category: Advertising

Credit: Pix & Associates

U Sciaratu
The Summer Carnival Rock of Monaco

In 2014, the jungle and its wildlife are at the forefront d'U Sciaratu and the Rock of Monaco will become a mysterious, exotic and colored place.

This photomontage raise the Rock and its famous buildings to the top of fantastic world where the jungle has taken back its place, and the animals live in freedom. This island, bathing in a fresh atmosphere and reminiscent of a mask, show the nature and place of the event : the summer carnival Rock.

The picture highlights the topic of the event, like a film poster: it makes possible to issue other variants according to topics of the next editions.