La plaquette inspirée du nuancier RAL
The leaflet inspired by the RAL colour chart
Poster décliné du
Poster variant of the "colour chart"
Le poster
The "car body parts" poster rolled in a tube as it will be delivered to apprentice mechanics
Un poster inspiré de la carrosserie automobile
A poster inspired by car body parts
Logo Jeremy Prioton

Jeremy Prioton

Status: Released

Categories: Visual identity, Print

Credits: Pix Publishing
Photo - Romain Péan

Automobile industry waste sorting

Pix & Associated made for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice Côte d'Azur practical documents for the apprentice vehicle mechanics.

The selected version, based on a iconographic composition, was inspired by the RAL colour chart which is used for automotive paints. I assisted the art directors for the conception and the execution of the project : we added an USB stick with all the files, and made posters and kakemonos from the original document.

I also conceived another version (on dark background) as a poster/reminder which would easily take place in garages beside the famous Pirelli calendar. I put the automobile waste in a global pattern inspired by the sports cars design that makes our target dream. The color code and the layout help to identify the various wastes, but the design makes them cohesive.