Une invitation festive à l'exploration
A festive appeal to exploration
Le monde sous-marin mis à l'honneur
The underwater world
La bache de 48m habillant la gare maritime
A 48m long vinyl banner covering the cruise terminal
Détail de la bâche
Details of the banner
Mise en abyme du visuel
Advertisement in its environnement
Une flotte de kakemonos
A fleet of kakemonos
Surcouverture de Nice-Matin
Nice-Matin cover
Intérieur de la surcouverture
Inside front cover
Habillage du site Nicematin.com
Design cover for Nicematin.com website
Animated banner
Logo Jeremy Prioton

Jeremy Prioton

Status: Released

Categories: Digital, Advertising

Credit: Pix Publishing

Port of Cannes Festival

The theme of this second edition of the Port of Cannes Festival, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice Côte d'Azur, is "20,000 places on the port".
I made a realistic photomontage for the audience to board on the Nautilus and discover the wonderful port of Cannes where time has no hold: the day is already rushing from a sun of noon to a starry night...

Many variations covered Cannes and its surrounding: kakemonos, bus covering, advertising display and a 110 square meters banner.

With the display, a press campaign including a Nice-Matin special cover was distributed, with animated digital banners and a full site covering on Nice Matin.